Why Accra’s property boom hasn’t produced affordable housing

African cities are among the fastest growing in the world, leading to rising demand for urban housing. Housing policies promoted by international organisations such as the World Bank since the 1980s have stimulated housing markets in order to address this demand. As a result, many of Africa’s major cities are being transformed by investment in […]

Africa: The Crucial but Missing Link in Africa Air Travel Industry

It seems like air travel is slowly getting back to its pre-Covid-19 days. People are flying for varied reasons. It has been a while since I travelled on a plane. In addition, I have been slow in noticing the back to normalcy state within the sector. I did not quite look forward to flying long-distance […]

Libya: Empowering Libyan Women to Make a Living and Put Food On the Table

[UN Women] “I was in a bad situation when I heard about the Tamkeen project. I had been trying to think of ways to help my husband financially,” said Hana* who participated in a professional cooking course to start her own business. “I was hoping desperately to take part in the training. I wanted to…