‘Ghanaian musicians in the UK need more acceptance in Ghana’ – Prince TY | Latest Ghanaian Music News & New Songs

“I have been on my grind making moves over the years and I feel strong within my spirit that my latest single, ‘Like It’ will be the icebreaker I need. “I have tried hard over the years to have been sound reverberate all over Ghana but it hasn’t been easy. I hope there were structures […]

African Weaver Nests Provide Eco Shelter for Cheetahs, Kudus and Owls

The maze-like nests of the tiny and noisy sociable weaver bird commonly found in arid parts of southern Africa aren’t just a marvel to look at.They provide shelter, food and scent-marking places for animals as diverse as cheetahs, falcons and owls in biodiversity hubs that may become increasingly important as human-induced climate change worsens, scientists […]

Africa’s Agenda for Children – Progress, but Still a Long Way to Go

A new report has been released that assesses the progress made in the implementation of Africa’s Agenda for Children 2040 (Agenda 2040). The goal of Agenda 2040, which was adopted in 2016, is to elaborate on aspects of Agenda 2063 relating to children, and accelerate efforts towards the implementation of the African Children’s Charter. Importantly, […]