For sale: Rome villa restored by Texas princess auctioned

ROME: A villa in the heart of Rome that features the only known ceiling painted by Caravaggio is being put up for auction by court order after the home was restored by its last occupants: a Texas-born princess and her late husband, a member of one of Rome’s aristocratic families. The Casino dell’Aurora, also known […]

כל הקהל רקד במופע של “בלאק אייד פיז”, רק אני לא הרגשתי חלק מהמשפוחה

כל הקהל רקד במופע של “בלאק אייד פיז”, רק אני לא הרגשתי חלק מהמשפוחה עם צליל שטוח וטעם לוואי תעשייתי חזק, ההופעה אתמול של “בלאק אייד פיז” בירושלים היתה בידור יעיל. לא יותר מזה בן שלו 10:50, 30 בנובמבר 2021 קבל התראות בתיבת הדואר האלקטרוני שלך עבור כתבות מ בן שלו עקוב 10:50, 30 בן…

Nursing unions around the world file U.N. complaint over vaccine patent waivers

“Given the severely limited access to the covid-19 drugs, diagnostics and vaccines needed to save lives, it’s truly demoralizing that some governments are opposing an initiative like the TRIPS Waiver which could have such a positive impact on how low- and middle-income countries are able to tackle this pandemic,” Reveka Papadopoulou, president of the Doctors […]

‘This Wasn’t in the Job Description’ HR Departments Are Navigating Confusing COVID-19 Religious Exemption Requests

As businesses across the country start imposing strict COVID-19 vaccine and testing requirements, some employees are claiming religious exemptions to avoid getting vaccinated—putting human resources departments on the frontlines of a fraught political issue that has already proven fertile ground for lawsuits. The task before HR leaders is tricky: they have to figure out whether […]

Pic of camouflaged snakes leaves Facebook users questioning their vision

CAN you spot the camouflaged snakes lurking in the grass in this image? The slippery snakes left social media users scratching their heads after it was shared online by Aussie snake catchers. 2 Can you spot the pair of snakes slithering around amongst the long grass?Credit: Jam Press Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers, a professional snake-catching […]