Colleges of Education unable to feed students over debts to suppliers

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Colleges of Education have sought permission for students to be allowed to feed themselves from November 7, 2022, because of struggles in procuring food items.

In a letter from the Conference of Principals of Colleges of Education (PRINCOF) to the Ministry of Education, the colleges attributed the struggles to debts owed to suppliers of food.

“Prices of all food items have shot up astronomically, and food suppliers have refused to supply any food items to Colleges because of the indebtedness of Colleges to these suppliers.”

There are over 40 colleges of education in Ghana.

Because a request for an increase in feeding grants paid to schools has not been approved, PRINCOF said “it has become increasingly difficult for Principals to continue to provide three meals a day to students at Six Cedis, Fifty Pesewas (GHS6.50).”

The schools also made the request to ensure that “the already stretched academic year is not disrupted.”

In response, the Ministry of Education has said it is working to swiftly resolve outstanding financial obligations to colleges of Education to help fend for trainee teachers.

The Public Relations Officer of the Education Ministry, Kwesi Kwarteng, on Facebook, said discussions are being held with the Finance Ministry “to swiftly resolve all outstanding obligations/commitments to the Colleges of Education.”



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