Dagbon FM journalist attacked by NDC communicator recounts ordeal

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A radio presenter with Tamale-based Dagbon FM, Abubakari Sadiq Gariba, has recounted the ordeal he went through when he was attacked by a former Northern Regional Communications Officer of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), Hardi Pagzaa on May 3.

In a video circulating on social media, Mr. Pagzaa and one other man were seen storming the studio of Dagbon Radio.

The two men held up the presenter who was at the point hosting a show and threatened to slap him if he makes a comment.

Narrating the incident on Eyewitness News with Umaru Sanda Amadu, the radio presenter said Hardi Pagzaa used the chieftaincy issue in Dagbon to score cheap political points adding that he advised the politician to desist from going on that tangent.

He explained that Hardi Pagzaa took offence and blasted him [Sadiq Gariba] on another radio station comparing his communication skills to that of his daughter.

“During the NDC’s primaries at Sagnerigu…he delivered a speech and mentioned Andanis and Abudus’ issues which went viral. So in my editorial discussion, I condemned his statement and said we should desist from making such statements. Because Andanis and Abudus’ issue is soon to be dead, and so we should allow it to die naturally instead of us using it during campaigns”.

“That is what I said, and he got offended. When he granted an interview with Radio Tamale, he mentioned my name and said I should be the last person to advise him on communication. And that when it comes to communication the only person I should be compared to is his daughter but not him,” he narrated.

He noted that he took on Mr. Pagzaa during his show and said he’s not worth his time.

The Dagbon FM presenter said the former Northern Regional Communications Officer of NDC and his friend walked into the studio, assaulted and threatened to kill him if he mentions his name during his future programmes.

“So when that interview got to me, I wanted to make an editorial on my show on May 3 but said he is not worth a response because he made so many allegations during that interview which I realised he lacked credibility. And for me, people without credibility, I don’t discuss them. We moved to a different topic when he walked in to attack me. He moved straight to me and asked me why I was discussing him, he held my shirt, and they both held me to my neck and pushed me out of the chair.

“The other guy said if I open my mouth he will knock me, so I shut up. And he told me to desist from mentioning Pagzaa’s name in my conversations, or he will make sure I’m dead. I told them that we should go out, I went out with them, and they went away from the premises,” Sadiq Gariba noted.

He explained that the security personnel didn’t envisage Mr. Pagzaa to be a threat hence his access to the studio.

“Because he is a party communicator and does come to the radio station, that is why they allowed him into the studio. Our security personnel at post didn’t see him to be a threat. He thought he was coming to be part of the programme only for him to come and do the attack,” he narrated.

He said he has since reported the case to the police station.

“We reported the case to the police station,” he said.

Sadiq Gariba noted that the regional office of the NDC called him on phone to “render an unqualified apology for what happened. They promised to meet my management”.

The Ghana Journalists Association (GJA) has condemned the act and lodged a complaint with the police.

The Ministry of Information has also called on the police to probe the matter.



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