Ghana needs high quality leaders

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A labour consultant, Austin Gamey, says Ghana needs high-quality leadership in every sector of the economy to turn the fortunes of the country around.

In his view, for Ghana to be able to implement policies that will benefit the youth and properly tackle the unemployment crisis, the country will need selfless and quality leaders at the helm of affairs.

He added that several brilliant policies such as the Planting for Food and Jobs and the One District, One Factory have not benefitted the citizens due to the lack of proper leadership.

“To me, the summary is that we appear to have a problem with high-quality leadership to guide us into doing what we are better off doing and to propel us out of this doldrums and economic strangulation.

“We have leaders but we need high-quality leaders, especially on the political front, we need to have high-quality leadership, selfless people who are ready and willing to serve this nation and not themselves,” Mr Gamey said on Saturday on the Big Issue on Citi TV.

The 2022 Annual Household Income and Expenditure Survey Third Quarter Labour Statistics Report has revealed that two out of every three unemployed persons in the country are females.

“Our findings show that 2 out of every three persons employed are vulnerably employed. We see this skewed towards females to the extent that we find about a 200 percentage point difference between males and females. Although we had 11 million people employed, two-thirds of this number were vulnerably employed.”

The report also found that the transition from informal employment to unemployment was, on average, five times more common than the movement from formal employment into unemployment.

“Across the three quarters, about 157,000 persons experienced an unemployment spell, with close to 124,000 gaining employment in Q3 out of more than 377,000 persons who were unemployed in the first and second quarters. Additionally, almost 90,000 persons outside the labour force in the first quarter transitioned to unemployment status in the second quarter and remained unemployed in the third quarter.”

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