Government  urged to support youth involved in organic farming 

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Dar es Salaam. The government has been urged to support the youth involved in organic farming who have been left behind despite being more health-oriented and practising farming that does not require chemicals.

This was said by the Chairman of Tanzania Organic Movement (Toam) Dr Mwatima Juma during the Africa Food Systems taking place in the city.

She said farmers can increase production through our local resources like fertilizer from seaweeds.

“A majority of youth are involved in organised farming and therefore government needs to invest in them to create more job opportunities as well as improve productivity and health of the people through chemical-free production,” she said.

Organic farming is the practice of the cultivation of crops and rearing of animals without the use of any synthetic farm inputs such as fertilizer and pesticides but by the use of traditional inputs such as green manure, compost manure, crop rotation, and other cultural practices to eliminate pest and manage diseases.

In another development, a vegetable and fruit farmer, Mwanahamisi Hassan said she is currently growing herbs whose production is not costly.

She said, herbs have a huge market, but very few farmers grow the crop.

“Herbs is still new and people think that it is for people with money but it is regenerative agriculture that can be practised by any farmer,” she said.

She said they grow herbs like cotmir and rosemary among others that are used in beauty products and food and others.

At the AGRA meeting, she said it was a great opportunity that has enabled her to network and meet potential investors.

“We have found an investor from Pakistan who is ready to help us access improved seeds for farming herbs,” she said.

Noting that agriculture is the country’s backbone that should be invested in.

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