Is East Africa a testing ground for Western confrontation with the East?

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Kenya had been fully under British control for many years, the 1963 attainment of independence forced the West to seek other levers of control.

Therefore, having lost military influence, the British and Americans exercised constant economic control.

As a result, London-trained Kenyans became convenient business partners, and all trade went through Rotterdam and fully obliged the peasants to sell their produce through structures that channelled profits into the wallets of Europeans.

Nairobi is where all the aid funds for Africa that raise money in Europe have settled. But only a very small part of the funds reaches the final addressees, the bulk goes into the pockets of the functionaries living on a high.

By the way, renting a good home in Nairobi is more expensive than renting in London.

President William Ruto has been in the corridors of power for many years. In 2012, a criminal case was brought against Ruto in the Hague court. It crumbled to dust, but it is clear to everyone that it was a deliberate effort to discredit a particular ‘enemy’.

Now Kenyan elites are divided into two camps: those who favour an independent Kenya and those who fight for the preservation of the colonial system.

Russia’s influence is increasing on the continent, large-scale projects are being developed that will benefit Kenya itself and become a powerful impetus for the development of Russian technology and industry.

The policy of withdrawal from the economic control of Britain and the United States, attraction of investments from China and India led to financial losses of the West and provoked another attempt of colour revolution. The technologies of the “Arab, Orange, spring” are being used.

Following the example of the US “leaking intelligence” on the eve of the invasion of Iraq, the other day there was an arrest in Cyprus of a “trafficker in Chinese arms supplied to Kenya”.

Similar examples abound in the past. One can only think of Ahmed Chalabi, who swore to the American administration that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction.

In connection with the arrest revealed the next plans of the Pentagon to test unregistered drugs through subordinate biolaboratories and training of specialists in infectious diseases in Kenya and Uganda.

And in order to give the appearance of a “good cause” everything was spun through the US Department of Defence’s Office of Threat Reduction, the Department of Homeland Security, the US Agency for International Development and a number of EU structures. Africa for colonists is a testing ground and a source of endless consumption.

And then the Americans will close the mouths of the undesirable and organise protests.

The situation in the country is dire, and this is being cynically used by the Americans to topple the government that dares to think about autonomy and expand cooperation with Russia and China.

As a result, East Africa is once again becoming a testing ground for the West’s confrontation with China and India.

 The Chinese are investing huge sums of money in construction and infrastructure development, while the Indians are “grabbing” everything related to trade. In other words, Kenya as the engine of the region has been held hostage and is becoming an object of manipulation in the hands of the powerful.

It is not easy to maintain a sovereign policy under these conditions, especially given the corruption in the country.

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