John Methu elected Senate Lands, Environment and Natural Resources Committee Chairperson

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Nyandarua Senator John Methu. [Courtesy]

Nyandarua Senator John Methu and Samburu Senator Steve Lelegwe have been elected as the chairperson and vice chairperson of the Senate Land, Environment and Natural Resources Committee.

Methu said that the Committee members will work closely to address the many challenges affecting the three key areas for the well-being of society.

Methu said Kenyans had many Lands, Environmental and Natural Resources issues that require urgent attention and that they will work with the relevant government agencies to ensure that they deliver on their mandate for the next five years.

“I am greatly honoured that despite being one of the youngest Senators, members of this committee have entrusted me with a responsibility to oversee these crucial sectors that are important for our well-being as a Nation,” said Methu.

The Nyandarua Senator said that Environmental protection is very important for the future of our Country and that they will work with state and non-state actors to ensure that this is achieved by the end of their term in office in 2027 calling on all members to work as a team to actualise this goal.

Senator Lelegwe said that Land issues are very emotive to many citizens and that their role is to ensure that each Kenyan who owns land is protected and guarded against some individuals who may want to disenfranchise them.

The Samburu Senator said the issue of double allocation of title deeds has been very rampant and it has been a source of conflict in many parts of the country.

“Most of us come from areas where land is owned communally which has led to some people taking advantage of our people, it is our role to ensure that the people we represent are protected from anyone with any ulterior motives,” said Lelegwe.

Machakos Senator Agnes Kavindu said most Women in the country are disadvantaged in terms of land ownership especially when they are widowed or are divorced.

Kavindu said that the committee needs to ensure that the Women of Kenya have a right to own property just like men since they are the backbone of society and if they are not treated well their children are also disadvantaged.

Baringo Senator William Cheptumo said Land and Environment are key areas of the economy that require urgent attention since they are sources of livelihood for all citizens of Kenya.

Taita Taveta Senator Johnes Mwaruma said that his county is one of those having high numbers of squatters who need to be supported to own land legally.

Nyeri Senator Wamatinga Wahome, Kwale Senator Issa Boy, Nominated Senator Mariam Omar and Nominated Senator Beatrice Oyomo pledged to work with the committee leadership to deliver on their mandate.

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