KCB Journalist Pauline Shegu Trains Young Girls in Motorsport

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Veteran KBC journalist, and motorsport enthusiast, Pauline Sheghu, has taken the initiative to train young girls in the exhilarating sport.

Sheghu, who has in the past played a role in organizing an all-women motorsport event – Lioness Rally 2022 – noted that young girls should not be intimidated to join the sport.

“Our hope was to make it an annual event and to encourage more women to join.

“However, this will depend on the event’s sponsors,” she noted.

KBC journalist Pauline Sheghu (in red) at the WRC 2022


Despite the sport being a male-dominated field, Sheghu expressed confidence in the ability of women to compete at an international level

“Getting sponsorship as a woman is tough, but I am still calling on sponsors to help fund teh girl child to advance in the motorsports,” she stated.

“We have been in the game for so long but we do not get the support we need, we are often sidelined by sponsors,” she added.

During an interview with KTN, she stated her love for rallying began in 2004 and actively participated in motorsports in 2006 while she was still a journalist.

“While on duty, my colleagues approached me and told me that an inter-media rally team, and they asked me to join their team.

“We competed with all the media houses in Kenya,” Sheghu recounted.

She further encouraged parents to support their children’s dreams, saying, “Let your child go and prove themselves to the world, give them a chance.” 

Sheghu noted that the young generation would help push the sport forward.

“If we get more juniors, we will build the motorsport in Kenya and be able to compete at the international level. We do not want the sort to fade when the veterans retire. 

“Next year I am participating in the World Rally Championship (WRC),” Sheghu announced, hoping that more women other than rally driver, Maxine Wahome, would join her. 

Kenyan Rally driver Maxine Wahome

Kenyan Rally driver Maxine Wahome.

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