La Palma volcano latest – Canary Island flights cancelled and 100 homes destroyed as crater erupts forcing 5k to flee


La Palma’s Cumbre Vieja volcano erupted on Sunday, September 19, 2021, and is still exploding Monday, September 20.

The latest explosion occurred as a result of an earthquake under the volcano’s base on September 11, 2021, that slowly migrated to the surface.

More than 20,000 earthquakes were registered in one week, Reuters reports, sending lava shooting into the air and streaming in rivers towards houses in two villages in the south of the island.

Authorities began evacuating the vulnerable and some farm animals around 3.15pm local time on September 19.

Two hours later, lava spilled down the hillside from five fissures, leading to the evacuation of the towns El paso and Los Llanos de Aridane.

Night-time video footage showed lava shooting hundreds of metres into the sky and at least three lava-deluged rivers of molten rock pouring down the hill.

Canary Island President Angel Victor Torres told a press conference on Sunday that around 5,000 were evacuated and no injuries were reported so far.

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गावस्कर और कपिल देव के साथ Chill करते दिखे शोएब अख्तर, वायरल हो रही तस्वीरें

गावस्कर और कपिल देव के साथ Chill करते दिखे शोएब अख्तर, वायरल हो रही तस्वीरें

‘रावलपिंडी एक्सप्रेस’ शोएब अख्तर ने महान बल्लेबाज सुनील गावस्कर और 1983 वर्ल्ड कप विनिंग टीम के कप्तान कपिल देव के साथ तस्वीरें शेयर करते हुए लिखा- सर्वश्रेष्ठों में सर्वश्रेष्ठ के साथ चिल्ल। महान जहीर अब्बास, सुनील गावस्कर और कपिल देव।