MP Rescues Family of Body Detained in Hospital Over Ksh 1.3M Bill

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Kirinyaga Woman Representative Jane Njeri Maina ended a family’s months of sorrow and anguish over the detention of their kin at Kenyatta University Teaching, Referral and Research Hospital (KUTRRH) funeral home.

The body of Kelvin Maina was finally released after being held for about eight months over an unpaid bill amounting to Ksh1.3 million.

Njeri stated that she was concerned after listening to the story of Kelvin’s mother about the pain they were experiencing. 

The woman representative, who is a lawyer by profession, was moved by their emotional journey and offered to step in and grant her services for free to ensure the family received the body of their kin for burial.

A photo of Kirinyaga County Woman Representative Jane Njeri Maina, during her swearing in at parliament buildings on September 8, 2022.


Njeri maina

“I recall Kelvin’s mother and wife narrating the story and I could not help but hold back tears, this broke my heart in so many levels.” Njeri described.

“I have always taken my pro-bono work very passionately so we took up this case” the lawyer added.

Njeri tried negotiating with the facility to find an amicable solution but after it bore no fruit the first-time lawmaker threatened to sue the hospital for contravening the law.

“We filed a case at the Ruiru Magistrates Court suing the public facility for holding the body of the deceased as security. It is illegal” Njeri explained.

Njeri recalled getting doubtful over the justice system and the subsequent mentions that would follow but she knew she had to get back to the family with good news despite months piling on.

The woman rep finally won the fight and the courts directed that the body be released unconditionally.

Maina was rushed to the facility following an accident on the Eastern Bypass where he succumbed to head injuries on April 2, 2022 while receiving treatment, leaving behind a humongous unsettled bill.

His family expressed their immense gratitude towards the young parliamentarian’s sacrifice, who responded in turn by referring to the kind gesture as an extension of God’s grace.

The legislator used the experience as a case study as she drafted a Healthcare Amendment Bill that was delivered to the National Assembly Speaker’s office for consideration.

“Hopefully, the bill will get the support of members when we table it. So no other family in Kenya has to suffer this.” Njeri expressed.

Jane Njeri

A photo of Kirinyaga Woman Representative Jane Njeri Maina in parliament, Nairobi.


Njeri Maina

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