MP Stuck in Mud, Struggles to Navigate Landcruiser

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Ijara Member of Parliament Abdi Ali Abtdi was among motorists stuck on a muddy road in his constituency, on Friday, May 5.

The MP, travelling in Toyota Landcruiser, had a difficult time trying to manoeuvre the road. 

“This road is a devastating state – the Nairobi-Garissa-Ijara and Kismayu roads. I ask the relevant authorities to act swiftly,” the MP stated.

Area residents were forced to come to the aid of the motorists and help push the vehicles to better parts of the road.

The vehicle of Ijara MP Abdi Ali Abdi stuck in the mud on Friday, May 5, 2023

Ankle-deep in the mud, the residents managed to get some of the cars out.

Following the incidents, the residents called upon the government to intervene and construct better highways as rainfall persists in different parts of the country

“We plead with the President to construct for us a new road. Our MP stood with him during the campaigns,” one resident noted.

The heavy rains experienced in different parts of the country rendered several roads impassable, forcing motorists to look for alternative routes.

On Sunday, April 30, the Kenya Highways Authority (KeNHA) announced the temporary closure of the Mai Mahiu Road after it developed cracks.

“This closure has been occasioned by a severe crack that has occurred six kilometres from Mai Mahiu Town towards Mai Mahiu, cutting across the road and thus rendering the road unsafe to motorists,” KeNHA wrote.

Motorists should exercise caution while driving in the rain to avoid accidents. Tools such as an off-road shovel and a traction mat can help when stuck in the mud.

According to experts, the non-slip surface of the traction gives you the necessary grip to get the vehicle in motion, while the shovel can be used to remove excess mud from the way.

A photo of the traction mat in use on a sandy terrain by a 4×4 vehicle.


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