Network Marketing Basics – 3 Skills Every Network Marketer Needs

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Network Marketing is a little like baseball. In baseball if you can catch, throw, and hit then you can make millions of dollars every year. Network marketing has its own fundamentals that, when mastered, will pay you very well for the rest of your life. How are you doing with these 3 skills?

3 Basic Skills Every Network Marketer Needs

1) Skill ONE – The Ability To Create New Prospects – Every growing business needs new customers. If you’re not personally bringing new people into your business, then you’re probably not going to get very far. The three places most network marketers get prospects are their warm market (people they know), the cold market (buying leads for a company that does advertising), or some creative way of doing your own marketing to create leads. The last method could include blogging, article marketing, newspaper ads, press releases or a million other things.

2) Skill TWO – The Ability To Close Prospects – This is basically any way you have to getting the person to make a decision and get started. It can be done for you by getting your upline on the phone with your prospect with a 3-way call. It can be done by yourself by simply asking people if they are ready to get started. Or a third way to close is to have your system do it for you. If you’re doing online marketing to generate prospects, your system can educate and pre-sell your prospect for you. A system like that can make it so you’re just taking their order and asking if they’d like to supersize it.

3) Skill THREE – The Ability to Help Your Team – You need a simple way help your team be successful. Personally, I recommend that you organize people into groups of about 6. This team will become a small community of like-minded people. You don’t have to be a superstar to lead a small group, you just need a desire to help people, and the ability to create a healthy environment. The team will discuss problems and brainstorm for solutions. A small group like this helps people become successful, and the best part is you’ll probably become like a family. It’s really where network marketing is at it’s best.


When a person masters the basics of network marketing, they are able to create leads, close prospects, and help people move forward in community. It’s an incredibly rewarding feeling to help people get results in network marketing. I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

Source by Joe Shaw

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