Pastor Ezekiel Speaks for First Time After Release, Details How Wife Suffered

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Pastor Ezekiel Odero, on Thursday, May 4, addressed New Life Church congregants for the first time after he was apprehended on allegations of being Pastor Paul Mackenzie’s accomplice in Shakahola mass deaths.

At his church in Mavueni, Kilifi County, Pastor Ezekiel appreciated the believers who supported him for over seven days he was put behind bars.

He also revealed that his wife suffered following the arrest ordeal. For the seven days he was away, his wife reportedly never slept in her bedroom. She was compelled to lie on the floor, pondering the way forward.

“She has not slept in her bedroom since that time. She was just lying down on the floor,” Ezekiel, accompanied by his wife, told the congregants.

Pastor Ezekiel Odero’s wife at their New Life Church in Mavueni, Kilifi County on Thursday, May 4, 2023.

“So, I really don’t know how my wife and I would thank all of you. We would like to humble ourselves here and thank you’ll,” the televangelists added.

His arrest also took a toll on his father, who he indicated had lost his speech. His mother was also reportedly traumatised by his arrest and allegations which were levelled against him at Shanzu Law Courts.

He, however, remained optimistic that they would recover after the court granted him bail.

“My father could not talk, while my mother was greatly traumatised. They were gravely affected by what was happening and could not even talk,” Ezekiel added.

The televangelist directed his followers to stop commenting on the case, and accusations levelled against him, insisting that he was obliged to honour court orders.

“I request you, kindly do not comment on the court case because I have also been instructed by the court not to say anything regarding the proceedings,” he told the hundreds of believers who had gathered at his church.

Nonetheless, he promised to hold a mega service to appreciate all his followers who supported him.

Besides his supporters, Pastor Ezekiel lauded Pastor Pius Muiru of Maximum Miracle Center. Muiru lobbied other preachers to stand with him while in custody. According to Ezekiel, he also played a critical role in clearing his name.

Ezekiel was released on Thursday, May 4, on a Ksh1.5 million bail or Ksh3 million bond and ordered to present himself at the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) once a week. The deacon was also barred from commenting on ongoing investigations and the Shakahola massacre. 

Pastor Ezekiel Odero (in white robe) when he was arraigned in court on April 28, 2023.


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