Role models in science needed to inspire girls

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Muniratu Issifu, the Programmes Director of CAMFED Ghana, has underscored the importance of ensuring the girl child has women role models in science to look up to.

During a conversation on how to advance girls’ education through digital learning, on the Citi Breakfast Show, Ms. Issifu said, these role models in the digital space will give girls something to aspire to.

She also expects that this will “increase the number of girls that we have in that space.”

“We need to encourage most of our girls to go into the sciences because that is the only way they can really get involved in the creation of digital learning.”

“We have to start this right from childhood when they are still small to ensure that we really inspire them and generate the interest at that level so that by the time they get to Junior High level, at least they have developed the interest,” Ms. Issifu.

EdTech Mondays is an initiative of the Mastercard Foundation’s Regional Centre for Innovative Teaching and Learning in ICT and part of the Foundation’s strategy to find solutions to Africa’s youth employment by closing the gap in access to quality education, and advancing the integration of technology in education policies and practices across Africa.

To realise this vision in Ghana, the Mastercard Foundation has partnered with MEST Africa, a pan-African technology institution to bring EdTech Monday, on the last Monday of every month.

About MEST

MEST offers Africa-wide technology entrepreneur training, internal seed funding, and a network of hubs providing incubation for technology startups in Africa.

Founded in Ghana in 2008, MEST provides critical skills training, funding, and support in software development, business, and communications to Africa’s tech entrepreneurs. Hubs are located in Accra, Ghana; Lagos, Nigeria; Cape Town, South Africa; and Nairobi, Kenya.

To date, MEST has trained over 500 entrepreneurs from across the continent and invested in over 80 startups across industries from SaaS and consumer internet, to eCommerce, Digital Media, Agritech, Fintech and Healthcare IT.

MEST is primarily funded by the Meltwater Foundation, the non-profit arm of Meltwater, a global leader in media intelligence and Outside Insight.



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