The President with a Humble Heart ( HH)

For the past two years, I have followed with keen interest the political dynamics in two African countries; Malawi and Zambia.

Our news desk analysis on Mo Radio ( predicting victory for President Chakwera of Tanzania in June 2020 and subsequently President Hichilema of Zambia on 12 August 2021 were not too tough assignments.

The inscriptions were clear in the skies. The thunder of positive anger of the masses yearning for change was even louder and irresistible.

The major factors our deductions were based on included ; the persona of the candidates, the influence of social media as a powerful constituent in information dissemination and the political awakening in the youth for a better Africa.

Both President Chakwera and President Hichilema personalities were clothed in humility, an excellent quality exhibited by great leaders.

The voters saw in them leaders who identified with the ordinary citizens. They saw in them leaders that are approachable with God fearing characteristics.

Voters saw in them leadership skills and vision with a common interest; the welfare of citizens.

President Haikande Hichilema demonstrated beyond all reasonable doubt his readiness to be a servant to the Zambia people through his pronouncements and engagements during the campaign. He won the trust of the electorates culminating into his landslide victory.

I might not be wrong to suggest His Excellency Hakainde Hichilema (HH) the President with a Humble Heart( HH) was enthroned before the election because of his trust and complete reliance on God for many years. He had unwavering faith.

Almost a week after his swearing in as President of the Republic of Zambia he still finds time to respond to Facebook comments under his post. Such a remarkable commitment.

I predict there could be lapses as time passes when he begins his official duties but at least a record is set.

It is my hope the President will affirm the trust of the Zambia people and fulfil the reasons he was elected.

I wish to appeal to you Mr President, may you not be corrupted with absolute power to the detriment of your people.

May you surround yourself with people who can track and point your progress or otherwise without mediocrity.

Avoid praise singers as they are more dangerous than the gun. These are selfish, coward and greedy individuals.

Mr President may your biblical trained conscious guide you to eschew arrogance but continously pursue humility.

Mr President may you as usual submit to God for directions and above all wisdom to succeed.

May you maintain the heart that accepts corrections and recommendations.

Mr President anytime you sit behind your office desk, may your brain screen project to you the poor widow and poor orphan, the masses of the unemployed youths, the dying mothers and old aged, the poverty striken and suffering citizens you met during your campaign trail. May they strengthen your resolve to transform the lives of Zambians.

My pen will follow your leadership and offer constructive criticism where and when necessary in my editorials.

I wish you and Zambians all the very best for the change desired.

Jacob Quarm

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