Thousands of sites worldwide go dark after cloud services provider Akamai reports DNS ‘issue’ — RT World News

Mo Africa News:

Video games, travel, web streaming services, banking, and shipping are among the industries affected by a problem with cloud provider Akamai Technologies, which appears to have taken thousands of websites offline worldwide.

Google, AT&T, Amazon Web Services, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and GoDaddy domain services were among the companies that started reporting outages on Thursday morning.

Gaming platforms Steam and PlayStation Network, travel services Expedia and Airbnb, shipping giants UPS and FedEx, and banking and financial institutions such as Chase, Discover, Capital One, Fidelity, and American Express were among others to report disruptions to their web services.

The problem appears to be due to an “emergency issue” with the Edge DNS service at the provider Akamai, which said it was “aware” of the problem and “actively investigating” it. The Domain Name System (DNS) acts as the internet directory, translating website names (URL) into IP addresses.


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