VP Bawumia discredits Nana Addo on excessive taxes- hints to abolish them if elected as President

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By Jacob Quarm

The Vice President of Ghana Dr Mahamudu Bawumia has said new policies will be implemented in 2025 to give Ghanaians the fiscal space to eliminate some taxes such as the VAT on electricity, the emissions tax and the betting tax without compromising on deficit target if elected as President in 7th December 2024 general elections. He said this at the National Address to voters about his vision for Ghana under the theme: “Bold Solutions For The Future”

VP Bawumia discredits Nana Addo on excessive taxes- hints to abolish them if elected as President
VP Dr Mahamudu Bawumia picture credit facebook dr bawumia

Dr Bawumia is the Vice President of Ghana and head of the Economic Management Team effectively advising government on major economic policies including taxes.

 “As the Chairman of the Economic Management Team (EMT) a sub-committee to Cabinet, we do not have any decision-making powers, but I am very proud of the quality of advice we have been providing over the years to Cabinet. As Vice-President, I was asked by the President to assist in solving some of the problems that were inhibiting the transformation of Ghana’s economy”. He said .

Ghanaians have decried excessive taxes under Nana Addo-Bawumia leadership prompting the National Organizer of the governing New Patriotic Party to call for an immediate withdrawal of some taxes such as the emission tax and vat on electricity.

Interrogating his address this evening on Mo Radio-UK many critics expressed their dismay by the frivolous attempt by Dr Bawumia to absolve himself from many of these taxes introduced upon his advice to government which has seen many businesses collapse.

Mr Craig Boadu a political analyst indicated that the dishonesty in Dr Bawumia’s address where he assumes a driver’s mate position on failed government policies but credits his impactfulness to achievements are clear signs of a deficient politician least to be trusted.

He said Dr Bawumia as vice President is actually a spare driver with full license mandated by Ghana’s constitution to govern in the absence of the President.

Mr Boadu argued the vice President acknowledgement of his position as a driver’s mate is degrading and lack of knowledge about his mandated constitutional responsibility. “Dr Bawumia is not a mate but a driver and must be bold to take full responsibility of Nana Addo-Bawumia failed government policies”. He stressed.

“Many people have said that I am the most impactful Vice President in Ghana since independence. I entered politics to serve the nation. My passion is solving problems. I have pursued policies, especially through digitalization, to check corruption in places like the ports, DVLA, NHIS, Passport Office, CAGD, etc. So I have a solid track record in fighting corruption. And I have earned a reputation for doing so”

According to a report by the Auditor General, financial irregularities within the public sector shot up from about GHS700 million in 2016 to GHS12 billion in 2020.

The Ex-President John Dramani who is ticked in several polls to win the 2024 general elections has said the unprecedented levels of corruption with the lack of accountability and prudence in the handling of the public purse are very worrying.

“This level of leakage will definitely affect the ability of any government to deliver on its mandate and guarantee citizens an appreciable standard of living. The nonchalance and total unwillingness to address corruption in government is a major problem and will continue to affect our economic fortunes until the trend stops”. The Ex-President is reported to have said in a Ghanaweb report.

“When I called for a change in government in 2024 as the first step towards halting this haemorrhage of badly needed resources through corruption and holding offending officials to account, our friends in government took offence but it remains the only viable way to save the public purse in the face of abundant evidence that nothing will be done about the situation,” he stressed.

A survey by The Ghana Center for Democratic Development (CDD-Ghana) revealed most Ghanaians do not believe that the current Nana Addo-Bawumia government has the capacity in dealing with the corruption menace in the country.

Ghana is listed among the first 40 poorest countries in Africa struggling for economic index analysis position with Burundi, Liberia, Mozambique, Mali, Malawi, Djibouti and Chad according to moafricanews business desk research.

On various social media handles many Ghanaians indicated they watched the Afcon semi-finals as a better alternative to the boring and rhetoric lectures of the Vice President Dr Mahamudu Bawumia.

Source: moafricanews.co.uk

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