Why Cars Produce Clicking Noise & 5 Areas to Check For Issues

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Clicking sound is one of the most common sounds cars make during ignition or in motion.

The strange sound is attributed to a number of factors which any conscious driver is advised not to ignore.

There are various ways of noticing and addressing the clicking noise problem in an automotive; some require professional diagnosis while others are addressed through simple learnt tricks.

A mechanic works on a car engine in Murang’a County on January 24, 2022.



What Causes Clicking Sound

Dead Battery

A dead battery would cause a car to produce a clicking sound.

An automobile with a dead battery produces a rapid clicking noise. That rapid clicking noise can also indicate that an alternator which charges the battery is not working as required.

Replacing a dead battery is recommended, or replacing the alternator to address the charging issue.

Failed Starter

A non-functional starter also forces a vehicle to produce a sharp clicking noise. A misfiring starter indicates that a car would start clicking along the way.

Professional mechanics are advised in diagnosing a failed starter.

In some cases, jumpstarting is recommended, but it is not always a long-term solution.

Wheels and Tyre

Non-aligned wheels compel a strange clicking sound. Low tyre pressure also makes a car make a weird clicking and whining noise which generally affects motion.

When the clicking and whining are high-pitched, it indicates that a car is running low on power steering fluid.

Moreover, a worn-out timing belt, slipping fan belt, or wheel bearings push a car to make strange clicking noise.

To fix the problem, a proper service is recommended.

Strained Engine

The engine is the most critical part of a car. Proper and regular diagnosis is recommended to keep a car in good shape.

Failure to carry out regular engine check-ups leads to mechanical damage. The mechanical damages in the long turn start producing clicking noise.

In some instances, the rattling and sharp clicking noise is attributed to strained engines.

If an engine makes a more metallic scrapping sound while accelerating, it indicates that it is almost knocking.

However, knocking and metallic scrapping could also mean some serious engine issues are afoot.

Timely repairs are advised to save a car from becoming obsolete.

Different matatu saccos along Ronald Ngala Street majorly occupied by matatus heading to Umoja Estate in Eastlands in August 2019.


Motor Trends


Failing to fix problems in the hood produces a car clicking sound.  This is attributed to physical damage to a car while in motion.

Fixing requires proper maintenance to tighten car parts in the hood.

However, when a car suddenly sounds like an old truck, it shows an exhaust problem.

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